Sadeywithlove is the story of the innumerable facets of the contemporary woman, to be precise, of her attitude.

Sadey woman is a princess.

Sadeywithlove collections enclose empowerment, romanticism, poetry, modernity and a lot of femininity. Total look in which the dress is the main element, characterised by fluency and enriched by laces and embroideries: simbols of a sophisticated and refined femininity, the true essence of the brand.
Shapes and volumes of the looks are characterised by a well measured sensuality that is never shown off but is always tangible.
Finishings are polished, the fitting is contemporary: these are the iconics elements of the brand.
Sadeywithlove girl shines in a particular and unique light.

She is fascinating and independent: she is autentic and she never betrays herself.

Sadey woman is alive thanks to the passion of a team composed by assertive and concrete people  who are passionated in fashion.

Simply Sadeywithlove